Chris Fitzgerald

Digital Media Consultant

Okay... so what do you do?

My Work


I am a writer by nature, going back to high school when I was editor of my school paper and a tragically undiscovered playwright. I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2011, where I specialized in radio and television broadcasting. I have been producing content ever since – blogs, editorial pieces, marketing collateral, web content and architecture, videos, social media postings, and more. I don’t need to be an expert to write about something, because my research and interviewing skills make up for anything I am lacking.

Project Management

My experience as a Content Architect gave me an eye for both the high-level and in-depth elements of digital media production, so project management was a natural progression for me. I managed UX and Design teams for a crowdsourcing project, organized and facilitated a hackathon, and led multiple website and messaging overhauls for various companies. My current position allows me to work with some of Canada’s most innovative digital media producers, analyzing how they PM their projects.

Web Development

It is the newest of my skills, but that should in no way undermine my passion for it. I completed the HackerYou Web Development course in Summer 2015 - which covered advanced HTML and CSS, as well as basic jQuery - and I’ve since learned PHP to allow me to take on more freelance WordPress projects. My next hurdle is expanding my jQuery expertise and taking on Python.